IPL Vascular Therapy

What is
IPL Vascular Therapy?

Vascular IPL treatment is ideal for targeting surfaced capillaries that is causing the appearance of redness. This includes broken capillaries, spider veins any red spots and rosacea. The treatment works by using light energy as heat to target the surfaced capillaries and cause coagulation. Ultimately this will result in reduced blood flow and therefore lessened redness in the skin.

Before and After

Vascular FAQs

Is this a painful treatment?

There can be some discomfort and heat experienced throughout the treatment. We will take care to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible.

How many treatments will I need?

This will vary from person to person however generally 3-6 treatments are recommended. A maintenance treatment may also be needed 6 months after the course of treatments is completed. However some people only require a single treatment, this can be determined on consultation.

Is there any downtime?

No there is no downtime. There may be some temporary redness however this is expected to pass within an hour and can easily be covered with a tinted sunscreen or makeup.

Are the results long lasting?

Most clients experience long lasting results. For optimum clarity, we could recommend a maintenance session if/when necessary.


Per Area (up to 50c size) – $150
Per Area (up to golf ball size) – $250
Per Area (up to iphone size) – $450
Full Face – $450

Half Face – $250
Cheeks or Nose – $150
Per Area Size (up to 50c size) – $150

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